Meet Sabine from VIVIDGREY – Everyday Magic

The mission of iloisuus is to bring people happiness by presenting them products from soulful brands. To iloisuus soulful brands are those that truely resonate by making your heart jump, letting your blood run faster and connecting deeply with you!

The first time I got in touch with VIVIDGREY it was clear; this brand founded by Sabine Fajana won my loyalty and my heart. You want to know why? Meet Sabine and read her compelling story about VIVIDGREY. You can find the individual unique handmade pieces of VIVIDGREY in the online shop of iloisuus.

Vividgrey collage 1 iloisuus

Collage of VIVIDGREY style images, copyright by VIVIDGREY

Can you shortly introduce yourself and VIVIDGREY?

VIVIDGREY creates home furnishings of simple sophistication, paired with a touch of poetry, that aim to appeal to all generations, children and grown-ups alike.

Our collection includes lighting, cushions, throws, rugs etc, all characterized by imaginative details to be discovered on second sight, bringing magic into everyday life.

Social and environmental responsibility is essential to VIVIDGREY. We manufacture by hand in our company workshop at the heart of Europe, in Vienna. We exclusively use locally woven linen, organic textiles and fair trade cotton wadding,

Each item that leaves our workshop is unique because of the entirely handmade process – from dying the fabrics to screen-printing the logo.

The brand feels like my ‘second child’. It evolved from my work as Interior Architect with prestigeous luxury brands in London while being the mother of a small son, Raven. Both experiences lead me to put my heart into developing an authentic brand full of soul that manufactures items of longevity through aesthetics that connect with grown-ups and children.


What stimulated and motivated you to start VIVIDGREY?

Developing an own brand was a natural process that evolved from my previous work as Interior Architect for luxury brands as well as from motherhood. A whole new world opened up through my child and I started to create furnishings for our home that would make both of us happy. I combined simple aesthetics with refined details and hidden elements, all there to be discovered by children.

The pieces I started to make should be ‘precious’ rather than ‘luxurious’, unique items crafted by hand that would carry precious memories. The idea of ‘Modern Heirlooms’ inspired me a lot. I felt that these qualities could only be achieved by using materials that would do good to people all along the manufacturing process. This is how I started to research in depth into fair trade and organic materials.

Vividgrey collage 2

VIVIDGREY combines simple aesthetics with refined details and hidden elements

iloisuus strongly believes that products, and the designers that create them, have the potential to bring some positivity into the everyday lives of many people. How do you feel about positive design?

To enchant people and to bring happiness to their homes is at the core of our collection and the reason for launching VIVIDGREY.

We want people to engage with our products through visual or textural qualities that enrich their day-to-day lives. We want to bring items to a home that have the potential to carry precious memories through different generations. Our collection of Modern Heirlooms should tell and continue the story of a home. I feel that dear objects can help to know ones roots and identity which is a very positive feeling.

I see that there is a strong trend for people looking for objects that tell a positive and interesting story that they can connect to. What better than if a mundane object, like a special cushion or a dear throw that your child played on when it was little, makes home feel like the perfect place to be.


Can you tell us how the products you create with Vividgrey contribute to the users’ happiness? How do you want your designs to lift people up and inspire them to pursue their aspirations?

Our products want to surprise and enchant. We want them to be simple but emotionally engaging and to create a relaxing but stimulating home. Small details like a small frog hiding in a linen drum shade, a hand-printed key that seems to have fallen between some large cushions, a cluster of leaf-shaped rugs or a mobile resembling a branch of a tree, casting shadows onto the surrounding walls, are all there to be discovered and to bring happiness into a home.

I think this individual, personal discovery is the essence of what creates a bond and valuable memories associated with an object. I hope that the little bit of magic we bring to a home inspires people and their lives.


What makes your products unique?

Normally there is a clear distinction between products for kids and adults. VIVIDGREY designs products that want to enchant children and grown-ups alike which differentiates it from other brands.

I also think VIVIDGREY is a rare combination of the wild and the serene. Subtle and poetic pieces are always balanced with more intuitive ones made of torn fabrics or with bold printing methods.
I would like to describe my look as emotionally engaging and of refined simplicity. I hope this is how my brand is perceived.


What brings you positive emotions? How do you enjoy yourself in the here and now?

The home I share with my little son and my family is hugely important to me. It makes me happy living in a place that I was able to refurbish and shape to suit our rather unconventional life. The property includes a converted butchery which still has quite an industrial feel to it. Through furnishing it with our textile collection it is now a very comfortable and joyful place, big enough for having lots of my kid’s friends around.

To me living a happy day-to-day life in this beautiful context is fulfilling. Having my second home in London is a bonus, I love this city and it’s where most of my own friends live.


You put so much love and devotion into your products. How are you able to realise this? Where do you get your daily motivation and inspiration from?

Sharing life with my child is my biggest inspiration and the reason for starting the brand. Everything I design for VIVIDGREY originates from a private desire. Having an own workshop which is part of our property gives me the huge freedom to develop and make prototypes of new items at any time. I love this fluid and independent work process.

Being an Interior Architect it is really motivating for me to work in a beautiful surrounding and our atelier/workshop is a wonderlul space. It has really tall windows and ceilings and is filled with beautiful materials. It overlooks our courtyard which is specially nice when its filled with freshly dyed fabrics that are hung out to dry.

What else can we expect from you soon?

I want to continue to develop our collection, specially our lighting pieces. The softness of our textile lampshades can transform a space instantly and I want to build on that. We just added a new Snowflake Shilhouette to our Lantern Shades which creates true winter magic at the turn of a light switch!